Born: 09.12.1967, Bucharest
Address: Bucharest, Romania
Education: 1987-1992 - Faculty of History at the University of Bucharest, specialized in Romanian Medieval History (B.A. with Valea Vâlsanului until XVIth Century. Historical and Archaeological Study - guided by Ph.D. Radu Popa)
Doctorate in Medieval History since 2001 with Political and Cultural Interferences in the Area between the Southern Carpathians and the Lower Danube, in XIth - XIIIth Centuries - guided by prof. Ph.D. Șerban Papacostea
Presently employed at:
Institutul de Arheologie "V. Pârvan", București ("V. Pârvan" Archaeological Institute, Bucharest) - senior researcher III at the Department of Medieval Archaeology
-Feldioara (1990 - 1992) - supervisor Ph.D. Radu Popa.
-Feldioara (1993, 1994, 1995; 1998, 1999) - supervisor at the cemetery and church sectors A. Ioniță
-Căpriana; Vărzărești (Rep. Moldova) (1993) - supervisor Ph.D. N. Constantinescu
-Giurgiu (jud. Giurgiu) (1993) - supervisor col. Dan Căpățână.
-Tabla Butii (jud. Prahova) (1995; 1998) - supervisor col. Dan Căpățână.
-Dridu "La Metereze" (jud. Ialomița) (1997) - supervisor A. Ioniță.
-Plătărești (jud. Călărași) (1999) - supervisor A. Ioniță.
-Berislăvești (jud. Vâlcea) (1999) - supervisor A. Ioniță
Selected publications:
1) Date noi privind colonizarea germană în Țara Bârsei și granița de est a Regatului maghiar în cea de-a doua jumătate a sec. al XII -lea, Revista Istorică, 5, 1994, 3 - 4, p. 273 - 281.
2) Das Gräberfeld von Marienburg und die deutsche Siedlung in Siebenbürgen. Ein archäologischer Beitrag zur Geschichte des Burzenlandes im 12.-13. Jahrhundert, Zeitschrift für Siebenbürgische Landeskunde, 19 (90), 1996, 2, p.121 - 128.
3) La céramique du Haut Moyen Age de Dridu La Metereze (Dép. de Ialomița), Dacia N.S. 40 - 42, 1996 - 1998, p. 305 - 382.
4) Feldioara-Marienburg. Aperçu des recherches archéologique, in EA-online feb. 2, 2001 (
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