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What is APAR

    Asociatia Profesionala a Arheologilor din Romania - Archaeological Professional Association of Romania (APAR) is a non-government, non-political, indipendent and non-profit organization, established on the basis of art. 37 of Romanian Constitution and conform Law no. 21/1924 and conform the Statutes of Organization.
APAR's aim is to encourage and develop archaeological research, beginning with field research and the processing of collected data up to interpretation and publication.
APAR's activity is composed of: carrying through field research according to modern standards, with the help of highly qualified personell; processing of data and the creation of a centralized database; publication of materials and results from field research, as well as, the publication of monographic syntheses or articles in archaeological journals, in accordance with the most modern scientific standards; organization of conferences, workshops, round tables connected to archaeological research; the establishment of partnerships with similar organizations in Romania and abroad; the support by grants on a contractual basis to specialists, in order to process and publicise the results of research.
Members of APAR can be physical or legal persons or institutions from Romania or abroad, which respect the conditions of the Statute of Organization and contribute to achieve the aims and activities of APAR.
Whoever wishes to become member of APAR can apply to the Council of Directors. The Council may accept or refuse applications, without any obligation to justify its decision. The Council is composed presently of: the President (Vlad V. Zirra), Vice-Precidents (Ion Serban Motzoi-Sandor-Chicideanu - for interior contacts - and Nikolaus Boroffka - for exterior contacts), the Secretary (Sorin Oanta) and two Advisors (Claudia Nitu, Virgil Nitulescu).

Legal act: PJ 745/22.09.1997
Financial Code: 9844720/16.10.1997
Bank account: BCR-4016503889/4016100369
Seat: 1. Bd. Av. Lascar Catargiu 58, Bucuresti-22, RO-71114
             tel/fax: +40-1-650.38.89
         2. Str. Stefan Greceanu 9, Bucuresti-22, RO-72119
             tel/fax: +40-1-610.03.69

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The contents of this site - text, images, and data - are intended for personal information only.   Written permission from APAR is required for the publication of any material.  Any use of this material should credit the Asociația Profesională a Arheologilor din România.
For additional details, send an e-mail to Asociatia Profesională a Arheologilor din Romania
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Last modified: December 9, 2001

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