Mircea - Bogdan TĂNĂSESCU Mircea-Bogdan TĂNĂSESCU
Born:30.07.1975, Craiova
Address: Bucharest, Romania
Education: 1989-1993 "Elena Cuza" Highschool, Craiova
1993-1997 - Faculty of Letters and History at the University of Craiova, specialized in Romanian Prehistory
1997-1998 M.A. in Greek and Roman History and Archaeology guided by acad. prof. Ph.D. Al. Vulpe
Presently employed at:
Since January 2000 - Muzeul "Teohari Antonescu" Giurgiu ("Teohari Antonescu" Museum) - curator-archaeologist
Formely employed:
April - October 1999 - Muzeul de Istorie și Artă al Municipiului București (The History and Art Museum of Bucharest City) - curator-archaeologist
Sucidava-Celei (1994, 1996), supervisor O.Toropu, P.Gherghe
Cârcea "Viaduct"-"Hanuri" (1995-1997), supervisor M.Nica
Drăgănești- Olt "Corboaica" (1995), supervisor M.Nica
Bistreț-Cârna (1998-2001), supervisor I. Motzoi-Chicideanu, Bronze Age settlement and cemetery, Gârla Mare Culture, early and late Hallstatt Age complexes
Năeni "Zănoaga" (1998, 2000, 2001), supervisor I. Motzoi-Chicideanu, Bronze Age settlement, Monteoru Culture
București "Dealul Piscului - the medieval cemetery" (1999), supervisor Gh.Mănucu-Adameșteanu.
Cercetările arhelogice în tell-ul gumelnițeano-sălcuțean de la Drăgănești-Olt,punctul Corboaica. Campania anului 1995 (with M.Nica), Cercetări arheologice în aria nord tracă, 2, 1997.
Sistemul defensiv al așezărilor preistorice de la Cârcea "Viaduct" și "Hanuri" (with M- Nica), Oltenia StCom, 9, 1999.
Book review: PETAR POPOVIC, MIRIJANA VUKMANOVIC Vajuga - Pesak. Early Iron Age Cemetery , Cahiers des Portes de Fer, Monographies 3, Belgrad 1998, in EA-online, Nov, 2000 (http://www.archaeology.ro/bt_rec1.htm)
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